Transition Y6-Y7

September 2016 Admissions - Transition from Year 6 to Year 7


Welcome to all new students and their parents!

Transferring from Primary to Secondary School can be an unsettling time for both pupils and their families.  I hope that the programme of events that we have organised will give you all the opportunity to feel confident about changing schools, and to look forward to a new start in September.

The amount of information contained within our school website can be daunting at first so we have included some vital links for you here. This means you will be able to come to this page for the first few months when your child has joined Y7 and easily find answers to any queries you may have by following these links.

We hope these web pages will help you to answer some of the questions you may have. We want you to feel that this school is your school and that you are part of it.  A link to our "Guide to Transition" is shown below.

Calthorpe Park School will provide you with the opportunity to do lots of new things; to meet and make lots of new friends, to work with new teachers and to try some new subjects.

Mrs R Lambert
Director of Transition 


Name Date Download
Parents Guide to Transition 2016-2017 Ma... 26th May 2016 Download