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Uniform & PE Kit

         Uniform Requirements          PE Kit          Ordering, returns and delivery


Uniform is not sold at school - all purchases of uniform must be made from our supplier “Sportswear International” via their website.

To place your order:
• Online: and order via PARENTS ONLINE.
• By Post: Send your completed order form with payment by cheque, payable to Sportswear International Ltd, or alternatively your credit card details.
• By Telephone: Call SWI team on 0845 519 0099.
• By Fax: Complete the order form, including your credit card details fax to SWI on 0845 519 0055

Items can be delivered to school free of charge.

SWI will accept your returns for a refund free of charge, but will not accept returns for an exchange.

If you purchase an item that is the incorrect size you will need to return it for a refund and then re-order and pay a possible delivery charge or take the free delivery to school option.

We suggest that if you are unsure of the size you require, please order different sizes to try and then return the garments that are not required free of charge for a refund.

Delivery to school schedule

Orders placed before Friday will be delivered to school the following Wednesday - you will be able to collect from Reception on Thursday.  Please remember it is you or your child’s responsibility to come to reception to collect goods that have been delivered to school direct from Sportswear International.  Reception will NOT be sending out notifications that delivery has been received.

Purchase of house ties, aprons and maths equipment can still be purchased from the school reception.  A “Sundries” order form is available below.

Order Form Links:

The school reserves the right to decide whether an item of uniform or jewellery, make-up or hairstyle complies with what is acceptable.  Any items that are not acceptable may be confiscated for a fixed period of time.


BASIC UNIFORM: Boys and Girls

-  Trousers: Smart, tailored style; plain, black

·         no cord, jean or legging style/material; no low slung hipsters

·         no extreme tightness.   

-  Skirts: black A- line or pleated

·         no extremes of length or tightness; no slits

·         no stretch material

·         If a skirt is worn - socks (black or white) or tights (black or neutral) should be plain.

NB  The guide for skirt length is that the hem should not be less than half the distance from the hip bone to the point of the knee. We will not be measuring individuals as this is only a guide but it gives a clear indication of what a suitable minimum length should be.

-  Shirt or Blouse: both need a collar: White – shirt type with collar, long or short sleeves (not sports shirts).

During the Summer Term students may wear the official school polo shirt (with logo & House colour flash on the collar).

-  House Tie: Maroon and grey (with House colour stripe) - available from school ONLY

-  School Sweatshirt: Maroon (or Black in Year 11) + logo – available through SWI (details on the school website)

-  Shoes: Formal, plain, dark shoes. Only a low heel (5 cm) is acceptable. Extremes of fashion or footwear which we consider unsafe will not be permitted. Shoes should cover the foot: no boots, no trainers, no logos, and no coloured or white lines on shoes.

Coat or jacket (for outdoor wear only) - Should be appropriate, a dark colour without slogans or any items likely to give offence. No denim. No hoodies.
Scarves or hats - If worn, must be black or maroon, no other colour.
YEAR 11 Concessions
Black V-neck sweatshirt with school logo in House colour (available from SWI)
No tie required. Optional Year 11 maroon tie for boys (available from Reception)
Protective Clothing for:
Food Technology – Apron (available from Reception)
Art – A large old shirt (to be worn on occasions as a protective garment over school clothes)

  • No jewellery may be worn by students (boys and girls) in Years 7 and 8 apart from plain sleepers or studs (one per ear), if required, for those with pierced ears. One charity bracelet.
  • Students in Years 9-11 may wear discreet make-up. No make-up in Years 7 and 8.
  • Students in Year 9 may wear one plain stud or sleeper per ear and one plain ring on one finger.
  • Students in Years 10 and 11 may wear up to 2 plain studs or sleepers per ear, if desired. One plain ring may also be worn on one finger.
  • In Years 7-11 neither face nor body piercings (other than ears) or tattoos are acceptable. Students will be required to remove any face and/or body piercings before being allowed to attend lessons.

Student appearance at all times must be smart and appropriate for a focused learning environment.
Students should bring a reasonable sized, secure, lockable bag. The bag must be big enough for A4 sized books and folders.
White polo shirt with logo in House colour (available from SWI)

In special circumstances a uniform grant may be available, please contact school on 01252 613483

It is important that ALL ITEMS are clearly NAMED (Please ensure labelling is permanent, ie not biro pens)

Now that we have the two new sports areas, no metal studs on football boots/trainers can be used.  See Mrs Edwards or Mr Jones with any queries about this.

Maroon/black polo shirt with CPS Physical Education logo.
Black football shorts with CPS Physical Education logo.
Football Socks Maroon and white
Ankle Socks White
Shin Pads  
Towel for showering
A strong kit bag - this should be a separate bag, not the one used for school books/equipment
Gumshield (for rugby and hockey)
Rugby/Multi Sports Top Maroon and white
Football Boots - any make, but must be non-metal studs
Astro Trainers or Football Boots Any make. Astro trainers can be worn on both the playground and the field
Skort or Shorts with logo
Sports leggings, plain black, must be from SWI preferably, or a sports shop
Running spikes – any make. 
Plain black, tracksuit bottoms (full length only) may be worn for PE lessons. This will be at the discretion of the teacher in Key Stage 3 and student choice in Key Stage 4. 
All jewellery, including studs and sleepers, must be removed for all PE lessons. A note must be given to the PE Department regarding newly pierced ears and tape must be provided by the student to cover earrings during PE lessons for the initial six week period. 
Any of the above items, other than those with the CPS logo, can be purchased from any sports retailer of quality.