It is a real pleasure to welcome you to Calthorpe Park School.  This is a thriving and successful comprehensive school and we are delighted that you are considering sending your child to join us. The school boasts some excellent facilities, including the daytime use of Hart Leisure Centre.  These facilities will grow and develop as our major building programme comes on line during the Autumn Term 2015.

Our school is one of those rare places where academic excellence and an expectation of the highest standards in everything we do co-exist with our caring and supportive ethos. We value the achievement of every student at Calthorpe Park, no matter what their abilities or talents.

Our well-qualified, committed and friendly teachers provide students with stimulating and challenging learning experiences. We also have an extensive team of support staff including a full time Student Welfare Assistant who offers medical and general welfare support to students.

Through our inclusive approach we believe that we have created an atmosphere of mutual respect, creativity and hard work at Calthorpe Park. In line with our Specialist Status, we promote and encourage an ethos of ‘Investigation, Exploration and Communication’; we want our students to be able to question, challenge and adapt to the rapidly changing world around them.

CalthorpePark071Our work over the last few years has significantly raised standards in all areas with Ofsted confirming we are a good school against increasingly high performance measures.

Happy students are more likely to achieve their best, and we feel that school should also be fun. Students at Calthorpe Park are encouraged to take part in the broad and varied range of extra-curricular activities on offer here. Students make an outstanding contribution to school life and to the local community in a wide variety of ways.

We are committed to maintaining our positive and open partnership with parents which is so vital to the success of all our students and to sustaining the excellent links we have with many external organisations.

We are extremely proud of our students and, as Ofsted reported, "The school has a vibrant community ethos where all students feel very safe, and work happily and successfully together".

This prospectus gives you a flavour of Calthorpe Park, and you are warmly invited to attend our Open Evening and/or one of our Open Mornings to meet our staff and students, and to see for yourself what we have to offer.

Enjoyment and Achievement

CalthorpePark153Learning should be challenging, engaging and interesting, and at Calthorpe Park our well-qualified specialist teachers work hard to facilitate outstanding learning. Ofsted judged a significant proportion of lessons to be outstanding and "improving rapidly as a result of focussed, professional development.  Teachers are enthusiastic and relationships... are highly positive."  We have high expectations of all our students and they are required to work hard, demonstrate commitment and to try their best in everything they do.  This is clearly shown by our record of excellent examination results, referenced elsewhere, which identifies us as one of the leading schools in Hampshire.

Learning is, of course, about more than gaining subject specific knowledge, and the social, moral, spiritual and cultural development of each student is given high priority at Calthorpe Park through Personal and Citizenship Education (PACE) and throughout the school. In Year 7, students have specific lessons to develop learning skills and dispositions.  We work hard to ensure all students follow a cross-curricular skills-based curriculum for part of the week to ensure that they are well equipped with excellent skills for learning in all areas. There is great emphasis on independence in learning, enquiry, problem solving and ability to meet challenges through the development of a resilient attitude and resourceful approach.  Ofsted recognised that "the social, moral, spiritual and cultural aspects of students' education help them become well prepared young citizens."

CalthorpePark096If you visit Calthorpe Park you will see evidence of the amazing creativity of our students throughout the school and particularly in the outstanding Art, Drama and Music departments. In every classroom students are expected to ask questions and to think creatively about solutions and issues.

Team work is a significant feature of our school, and this manifests itself in regular group work in class as well as in sport.

Student Progress
Students are rigorously monitored and regularly assessed throughout their time at Calthorpe Park. They are given challenging targets on an individual learning pathway and parents are given regular information about their child’s progress.

If a student is not on track to achieve their potential then we have a wide range of intervention strategies in school that can be put into place to support them.

CalthorpePark166Our Inclusion and Achievement department offers outstanding support to students with additional needs who achieveextremely well at Calthorpe Park.  Gifted and Talented students are also catered for, not only through our whole school programme of enrichment opportunities but in the classroom though differentiated work.

Parental involvement in the progress and achievement of our young people is very important to us.  Parent consultation sessions are held annually for parents to discuss progress with individual subject teachers, and year group information evenings are held early in the autumn term for some year groups. There is an open Parent Forum Group which meets termly to discuss any issues raised by parents or the school. These opportunities are supplemented by newsletters, information and contact via SchoolComms texts and emails, and by updated information on our school website.

Student Welfare and Safety
At Calthorpe Park the quality of pastoral care we offer to all our students is exceptional. Students belong to Houses comprising of 10 mixed-age vertical tutor groups which, where possible, remain together with their Form Tutor throughout the school. The Houses and tutor groups provide a positive ‘family’ environment where older students encourage and support younger students and provide positive role models. The Tutor and Heads of House are responsible for ensuring that students are happy, secure and are achieving well, and for coordinating support where necessary. The Heads of House are very important people in a student’s life as they monitor progress as well as ensuring the welfare of each student. In our growing school, these smaller ‘family’ units will continue to be at the core of everything we do.

The school’s Student Welfare Assistant is always available to help students with medical issues and also to provide a listening ear if needed. The school employs counsellors and workers from other outside agencies to provide tailored, one-to-one support where appropriate.

Our Positive Behaviour Management system values and rewards good behaviour in and outside the classroom.  It encourages and nurtures the positive relationships as well as very good student behaviour which are strong features of Calthorpe Park. As with everything we do, parental support is essential to ensuring high standards of behaviour in school.

We offer a multitude of School trips (for example, snowsports in France, various French trips, a visit to the German Christmas Markets, a Spanish cultural exchange, the Year 9 WW1 Battlefields trip, the Year 8 York trip, the Year 7 trip to Osmington Bay and our annual Ocean Stars trip to Sri Lanka) to extend and enrich the curriculum but also for recreational purposes. These activities are an important part of our life at Calthorpe Park, and all contribute to making life at school happy, enjoyable and stimulating for all students.

The school is absolutely committed to Child Protection and our policy and procedures are rigorous and efficient.


Student Contribution and School Partnerships
We are strongly committed to ensuring that all students leave us at 16 with a firm sense of their place in, and their responsibilities to, their local, national and global community. We achieve this through an innovative whole school programme of Citizenship events, charity events and our hosting of the annual Model United Nations. Students contribute to and even organise many of these events themselves! Students in the upper school have the opportunity to become prefects, and also subsequently achieve membership of our Senior Student Leadership Team including Head Boy and Girl, Heads of Student Voice, Director of the REaL Three (rights, respect and responsibility) and Charity Director. These students represent the school in important functions and provide strong role models for younger students.

The school has been awarded International School status and continues to work actively in this area; we have also been awarded the silver Eco Schools award and are a Stonewall Champion school.  We were awarded Rights Respecting Schools Status by UNICEF in 2010 (one of only a few secondary schools in Hampshire to do so) and in Summer 2014, we were awarded the highly-prized CPD mark (recognising the outstanding quality of our staff professional development programme).

The many strengths of Calthorpe Park are recognised by Hampshire County Council. We work in partnership with other schools and host visits for colleagues so that they can see the excellent practice taking place here, in our teaching, pastoral support and professional learning. We also provide training and support for other schools in areas such as progress tracking systems, child protection, and leadership development.

REaL3, which represents the School Student Voice, is a thriving and well-attended body in which student opinion is heard loud and clear! The students see that their views and suggestions can have an effect on the school. They are supported by ‘Speak Out’ groups in all year groups and there is the influential Senior Student Leadership Team as well as democratically elected House Captains.

School Governors play an important role in monitoring and supporting the work we do at Calthorpe Park to ensure the best possible provision for each student.

The Calthorpe Park PTA is a committed and dedicated group of parents who raise money for the school for the benefit of all the students. Activities and a wide range of events are organised throughout the year. The team is always looking for new recruits!

Healthy School
Calthorpe Park is committed to promoting Healthy Living to all students and holds National Healthy Schools status. This involves almost every aspect of school life; healthy food at lunchtimes, constantly improving the school environment, encouraging the participation of all students in sport and other extra curricular activities to name but a few. Water is available for students to drink, and we have no fizzy drinks or sweets machines in school.

Further information can be found elsewhere on our website for further including a welcome message from the Headteachers, our school aims, exam results, our Ofsted Report and entry on the DfE performance tables.  Please do get in touch if you have a question which has not been answered in any of these areas.

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