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Staying Safe Online

3 March 2017

Staying Safe Online

Think Safety picSo often in the media, unfortunately, we hear of sad and worrying stories about children becoming involved in unsafe activities online, causing others to become distressed, or risking their lives and wellbeing by misusing image and information sharing services like Instagram, Messenger and Facebook.  Almost all of these could have been prevented by appropriate and safe use of the internet and mobile devices.

To help our students understand what is safe, and why it is important to stay safe, we make available many forms of information and guidance.  Each student has a double-page spread about E-Safety in their diary planner.  We use the E-Safety Charter in school.  Students and parents sign up to the School’s ICT User Agreement.  School operates to the E-Safety Policy. We include reference to E-Safety in our curriculum, such as in PACE and in ICT/Computing lessons.  Assemblies during the year include specific mention of staying safe online.  Citizenship Days for some Year groups include E-Safety as part of Anti-bullying and other topics.  We have our phone-use protocols in school, with the PhoneZones. Our HUB team are very supportive and pro-active in their work with our students. The Police help us deal with extreme cases.

Over the next few weeks all students will take part in a self-review and discussion session, in Tutor time, to consider for themselves what risks there are in doing unsafe or inappropriate things online and what personal consequences there are likely to be as a result.

We ask all parents to support their children in learning how to keep themselves, and others, safe online. We all have a responsibility to ensure our younger members of the community ‘do the right thing’ online, at all times.

Please review the documents linked below.  If you have any concerns or questions please contact the HUB team regarding any pastoral matters, or Mr Brand about any procedural or broader questions.

E-Safety Policy download

E-Safety Charter download

ICT User Agreement download

Parents Guide about E-Safety download

Diary Sheets (selected pages) download