Messages from the Headteachers

Friday 17th March 2017

After many months of conjecture and behind the scenes activity, we are delighted to be able to report that the building of a new sports hall for the school’s use will commence sometime during this year.  This new facility will be built on the car park that currently sits behind the Hart Leisure Centre.

Once completed and available for use, the current facility will be demolished.

During the building project the school will retain access to the sports hall in the old Hart Leisure Centre building.  Details of these arrangements are still to be confirmed.  Rest assured the school curriculum will not be adversely impacted.

The new Leisure Centre will open on 1 April, and after this date it will be almost impossible to use the old centre’s car park to drop off or pick up students.  We would ask for your co-operation in seeking an alternative way of working.

The new building will be another exciting development and a wonderful facility for the Calthorpe community.

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Tuesday 14th March 2017

Dear Parents of Year 9 students

The Department for Education has recently advised all Local Authorities of an amendment to legislation that requires them to write to parents of all Year 9 students advising them of a University Technical College (UTC) which is within travelling distance and to which they may wish to apply.  Reasonable travelling distance for UTC admissions has been set at around 20 miles or an hour travelling time.

We have, therefore, been asked to make you aware of a letter from Hampshire County Council - click here for the link.

Melanie Hooper and Martin Amos

Wednesday 1st March 2017


Dear Parents

Each year, the School goes through a process of self-evaluation as part of our constant drive to improve the quality of our students’ educational experience. Based on this process, we formulate whole-school Key Focuses for Improvement for the following year and we display them on our website. A brief overview of our Key Improvement Focuses for 2017 can be found in Information/School Improvement but are also further explained below:

Key Improvement Priority 1

All students to make the best progress of which they are capable.

We will place particular focus on ensuring that optimum progress is made by our students with Additional Needs and those who are eligible for Pupil Premium funding, as some students in these groups have progressed less rapidly in the past.

Nationally, there is a progress and achievement gap between boys and girls, as reflected in outcomes at GCSE.  At CPS, this gap has been considerably closed over the past few years and, in 2016, our boys, particularly, performed exceptionally well.  We are determined to ensure that this improvement is maintained and built upon in the future, so boys’ learning will also be a key focus for us in 2017.

Key Improvement Priority 2

As ever, we need to be the most accurate we can be in our assessment of students’ progress.  This is crucial for two reasons:

  1. So that all teachers precisely and accurately identify areas for improvement in students’ work and use this knowledge to inform their teaching.
  2. So that information on learning and progress that is fed back to students and parents is accurate and benchmarked against realistic expectations.

As we no longer have nationally agreed NC levels to guide us, further development of our internal assessment systems and practice is a priority for us, as it is for most schools.

Key Improvement Priority 3

The attendance of most students at CPS is at least good and regular attendance is a critical ingredient of great learning.  A small number of our students do not, however, attend as regularly as they need to and this impacts on their progress and well-being.  Our third improvement priority is to support those students whose attendance is below target, to attend more regularly.

Key Improvement Priority 4

Diagnostic, individualised feedback supports good learning.  We have done much work to improve this aspect of our practice over the past 3 years and some subjects are now outstanding in this area.  Our remit in 2017 is to further develop this focus so ensuring consistently excellent practice across all subject areas.

Key Improvement Priority 5

Teaching quality at CPS has been consistently high over time, with much outstanding practice in evidence.  Our expectation is  that teaching and learning in every classroom, every lesson, will be of the highest quality and our improvement agenda this year will focus on:

  • Increasing learning challenge
  • Ensuring that enquiry, reasoning and problem solving are integral to the learning process
  • Developing outstanding Year 6 to 7 curricular transition.

Key Improvement Priority 6

This priority is about further developing a ‘can do’ culture at CPS, underpinned by resilience  and cementing an implicit belief that effort is the key to success, irrespective of personal attributes or starting point.

Key Improvement Priority 7

Our seventh key priority focus is on developing outstanding leadership at all levels, building leadership capacity and planning for succession across all aspects and levels of the school.

Key Improvement Priority 8

And finally, it is our moral purpose to ensure that the young people in our care are supported to thrive and that their welfare is safeguarded at all times. Consequently, our final Key Priority for 2017 is to build continuously on the processes and systems in place for safeguarding our students and for promoting their outstanding behaviour.

We hope that this brief resume of our improvement priorities for 2017 will be useful and will continue to provide, in an open and transparent way, information to support the partnership with our parents that we value so highly.

Yours sincerely

Melanie Hooper and Martin Amos


Tuesday 14th February 2017

Dear Parents

We are aware of the ‘Calthorpe Park School Parents’ Facebook Page’ and we know that parents often use it informally to ask other parents for information when they are unsure about school policy, practice or procedure.

Please be aware that this Facebook page is not one that has any formal link with our school and we know that information that is exchanged between parents who use it can be, on occasion, not entirely accurate.

We hope that our website and our weekly communication to parents keep you fully informed. However, should you need clarification or further information, please do contact school directly, either by telephone (01252 613483), via the online form or by email; the address of all key staff is available via our website (‘Contact Us’ tab).

Many parents will be aware that we, as Heads, strive to be easily accessible to our parents and, should you have a matter that you wish to bring to our attention, we would ask that you contact us directly, via email, or via our PA, Mrs Haynes.

We were also wondering whether our parents would welcome a monthly appointment-based Head Teachers’ Clinic, operating after school, and where we would be available to discuss, face-to-face,  any matters that you might wish to raise with us?

Please do let us know.

Yours sincerely,
Melanie Hooper and Martin Amos