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Friday 17th February 2017

Littlessons - Snapshots of learning at Calthorpe Park

T&L 1

"That one looks really difficult...I'm going to do that one!"
As a teacher there is nothing better than hearing a student say that when they have a choice of problems to tackle. In a year 7 maths lesson, there was a great opportunity for students to not only engage with some tricky problems to solve, but choose their own level of challenge. What made this snapshot of learning so exciting was the overwhelming majority wanting to take on the "3 chilli pepper" challenges!

The students had a plan of attack, and were ably guided and encouraged by Miss Webb. 

First they "see" the question - What is it asking? What is the important information?

Then plan - What strategies can be used to solve the problem?

Then do it - Attack the problem!

Finally, reflect - can the problem be answered in English, in a full sentence? Not just as a number...

It was delightful to see students sharing the different ways they had tackled the problem and bragging about the level of challenge they were going to chose. Of course there were 'right answers' however the real celebration was the number of different ways students could find to tackle the problems, with students showing some real fluency​.

Here are a couple of examples to get the mind going - See it, Plan it, do it, reflect!

​Nick had a birthday party. His Mum made some sausage rolls. Ben took a third and then took 1 more. There were 7 left.  How many were on the plate to start with? 

Ty needs 3/4 of a cup of milk to make banana smoothie for 1 person. How much milk will he need to make smoothies for 8 people?

Mr D Wyatt
Assistant Headteacher