Revision Guides

Year 9 GCSE Compulsory English Literature & Language Texts

978 01983 24003 - Macbeth (Oxford School Shakespeare)        

978 0571 191475 - Lord of the Flies (Faber)                                  

978 0141 439730 - The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde And other Tales  (Penguin Classics)*                        

In addition, to help students prepare and revise effectively for the new GCSE English Literature, York Notes offer the following useful revision guides which are entirely optional:

978 1447 982203 - Macbeth Study Guide (York Notes) *

978 1447 982197 - Lord of the Flies Study Guide (York Notes)

978 1447 982180 - Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Study Guide (York Notes) *  

* Since making these recommendations, these guides have risen in price dramatically and we would not expect you to pay these prices!  They are being reprinted so stocks are limited and we expect the price to come back down by the end of November.  While these are the preferred choice, we recommend you only pay around £5-£6 per guide so until these prices come down, please choose another similar GCSE study guide or wait for these to be reprinted.



978 1847 624611 - CTP BTEC First Sport (Co-ordination Group Publications)


GCSE Psychology

978 1408 503959 - AQA Psychology – Oxford University Press