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Community Behaviour

Safety Anti-Social Behaviour15 July 2016

Dear Parents

Sadly, a number of incidents have come to our attention over the last few weeks of what can only be described as anti-social behaviour by young males, some of whom allegidly attend Calthorpe Park School.  A number of these incidents have been perpetrated by a group of boys “playing” on the Elvetham Heath green. This has culminated in some unsavoury, sometimes intimidatory and threatening behaviour in front of young children and their parents.

With over 1100 students in a school we are extremely lucky that the vast majority represent their families and school with care, consideration and respect. It is only a small number who let us all down.

We would seek your support as cooperative parents who would be as upset as we are to hear of young people behaving in this way. Please reiterate the simplest of expectations of any civilised person when they are in the local community:

  • We would ask that students respect people’s space and privacy, particularly if that space is clearly designated for the use of younger children;
  • We would expect all of our students to interact with other people in a polite, respectful and decent manner;
  • We request that groups of youngsters reflect on the impression they create whether deliberate or not (any large group can be intimidating whether consciously or not)
  • We strongly encourage all students of Calthorpe Park to behave in a manner that reflects well on their family and school.

We know that almost all of our students do just this but it only takes a small group to spoil the reputation of an entire community. We all have a responsibility and we welcome your support as parents in ensuring that the summer and future is one that brings a sense of pride.

Thank you for your support.