Budget Plan & Spend 2016/17

We have received our Pupil Premium Budget for April 2016 to March 2017.  It is £126,210

Below are our plans for how we intend to spend this money to support our Pupil Premium students to make the best possible progress both academically and in their personal development.

Our Specialist Pupil Premium Team

Led by Mr Durkan, our Pupil Premium Co-ordinator and Lead Teacher, the team consists of Ms Barton, our Pupil Premium Mentor Team.  The team will meet regularly to review the progress of all Pupil Premium students and, where short-term support is needed to boost progress and achievement, this will be provided via 1:1 tutoring, small group literacy booster classes and/or small group learning support.  Mr Durkan ensures that bespoke learning plans are in place for Pupil Premium Students and he leads systems for progress tracking.  He also works closely with subject teachers to meet the needs of Pupil Premium students in lessons and provides training on how best to meet the needs of Pupil Premium students.

Specialist Pupil Premium Support – Study Unit

Mrs Mercado and Mrs Cairns from our Study Unit work closely with KS4 Pupil Premium students, providing bespoke support for coursework completion, study skill development and providing 1:1 tuition in core subjects as well as aspirational mentoring.  Additional after-school homework and study support ‘Lesson 7s’ are available on several afternoons each week.

On transition from primary school, Pupil Premium students who are following the Year 7 Literacy Programme also attend an additional weekly after-school lesson.

The attendance of Pupil Premium students is closely monitored by Ms Podesta who leads the ‘Excellence in Attendance Programme’. Where there is an identified need, Ms Podesta works closely with Pupil Premium students whose attendance falls below expectation.  Her work is supported by our Attendance Officer who maintains close contact with parents of Pupil Premium students.

Pupil Premium students are eligible for free or subsidised places on school trips and for enrichment events and peripatetic Music Tuition.  Pupil Premium students are usually eligible for uniform subsidy, and Year 11 Pupil Premium students receive subsidised Prom tickets.  At Key Stage 4, all Pupil Premium students receive a bundle of English core texts and, where revision guides are recommended by their various subjects, these are provided free of charge.  Also, ingredients and materials necessary for practical subjects are provided free of charge in all years.

During exam periods, a pre-GCSE exam reminder texting system for Pupil Premium students and their parents will be actioned.

The Pupil Premium Budget Plan for 2016/17

The points below provide a summary of our spending plan, please also see the itemised spending plan page.

  • Dedicated Pupil Premium Staff:

Pupil Premium Co-ordinator, Specialist Mentor, Specialist Literacy Support Assistant, Specialist Learning Support Assistant

  • Specialist study support:  Study Unit, Study Plus and Lesson 7
  • Literacy, Learning and EAL support
  • Emotional, Behavioural, Pastoral and Attendance Support; Liaison with parents. 
  • Admin, Finance & Pupil Premium Progress Monitoring
  • Pupil Premium staff training
  • Learning, Student & Revision Resources/Materials
  • Pupil Premium Enrichment events & Peripatetic Music and swimming
  • Uniform subsidy
  • Vocational college link courses