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Year 11 Examinations

Operational Arrangements:

Students in Year 11 will be taking their final examinations during May and June. These examinations will be run formally according to the official JCQ Exam Board regulations. Students should prepare themselves fully and aim to do the very best they can. 

Further details about the arrangements for these exams are shown below however it is very important that students take in to the examination all the equipment that they need, including black pens, pencils, maths equipment and calculator.  Please carefully read the student’s letter below.

Seating Plan and Room Layout: The plan below shows the desk layout of the main exam hall.  Please use the correct entry door.

Hall seating layout

Student Seating List: Each student is assigned a desk in the exam hall or other room for each exam.  A printed version, including student names and “Candidate Number” is posted up on the Exams Notice Board in the Foyer.  The online lists, linked from each day in the schedule below, has no names so students will need to check and remember their candidate number from the list in the Foyer.

Student Information Letter: This includes all operational guidance and instructions for students. A printed version, with the exam timetable, has been provided for each student. The individual exam timetable will also include the seat and room for each exam.

Late arrivals: Students are expected to arrive at the exam room at least 10 minutes prior to the start of the exam. Being on time for exams is important as late arrivers distract students in exams and is very worrying and unsettling for the student arriving late.  If a student is late to an exam they will be met outside the exam room and provided the introductions needed there, before being invited in silently to start their exam.  Exam doors will be closed by the invigilators 5 minutes before the scheduled start time for the exam.  This gives time for all the announcements and preparations to be completed properly before the exam starts.

Equipment Shop: Students should know exactly what equipment they need for each exam and carry this in with them to the exam room.  The invigilators have some spares for swaps, only, if necessary.  The Registry Office runs a shop where pens and calculators may be purchased.

Final Preparations, Flexible Learning Plans and Support Opportunities

A great deal of support has been provided at school for students during their exam courses so far. This intensive programme is concluding with the range of sessions and activities as described in the notes.  Please use the link above to see the schedule.

Exam Timetable:

The schedule for exams can be quite confusing and it is vital that each student is sure that they know what exam they have on each day. For each day, the list below provides links to seating lists.

Monday 13 June

No exams for Year 11

Tuesday 14 June

1.20pm (1hr 15mins) – History, Life in Germany

Wednesday 15 June

1.20pm (1hr + 1hr) – Chemistry Units 2 & 3

Thursday 16 June

9.00am (2hrs) – D&T: Resistant Materials

Friday 17 June

9.00am (1hr + 1hr) – Physics Units 2 & 3

1.20pm (1hr 30mins) – Geography Decisions

Monday 20 June

1.20pm (1hr) - Business & Communication Systems

Tuesday 21 June

9.00am (1hr 15mins) – History, Protest Law and Order

1.20pm (2hrs) – D&T: Graphic Produces

End of Year 11 Exams

Special Access and Support Arrangements:

Some students are entitled, for very specific reasons, access to additional or different arrangements in some examinations. These students will know who they are will be advised of their special arrangement.

Results Issue

Results will be issued during the Summer Break on 25 August.  AS and FSMQ results will be posted home. Further details will be provided here during May.