Exams Arrangements

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Here you will find information regarding our examinations. Moodle contains more detailed exam information and is dedicated to students, however, these pages are also accessible to parents.

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The examination timetable for school year 2017 - 18 can be found here.

Year 11

Mock Exams

Y11 GCSE Mock Exams commence Mon 6 Nov for two weeks. The timetable can be found here.

  • Exceptions to the above are:
  • Art Mock Exam: Tue 31 Oct (all day)
  • Photo Mock Exam: Thu 2 Nov (all day)
  • MFL Speaking & Listening Exams: Wed 1 Nov and Thur 2 Nov
  • Business On-Screen Mock Exam: during lesson time.

Students will receive individual exam timetables Fri 20 Oct.

External Exams

  • iMedia: Tue 9 Jan AM
  • BTEC Health Re-Sit: Tue 9 Jan AM
  • GCSE Drama Exam: date TBC
  • GCSE Art Exam: Fri 16 Mar and Wed 21 Mar
  • GCSE Photography Exam: Thur 15 Mar and Tue 20 Mar
  • GCSE MFL Speaking Exams: will take place in April 2018 - exact dates TBC
  • GCSE Business Studies On-Screen Exam: between Tue 8 May - Fri 11 May
  • GCSEs (written exams): commences Mon 14 May (timetable can be found here)

Year 10

  • Internal Mid-Course Examinations: commences Mon 12 Mar. Timetable will be published in due course
  • Y10 BTEC Sport On-Screen Exam: Provisional date: Thur 3 May
  • Maths Challenge (selected students): Thur 1 Feb, Time TBC

Year 9

  • Y9  MOCK GCSE RE (selected students): January - exact date TBC
  • Y9 GCSE RE (selected students): Mon 14 May PM and Wed 16 May PM
  • Maths Challenge (selected students): Thur 1 Feb, Time TBC
  • Y9 Exams (all students) will commence Mon 4 Jun - further information to follow

Year 8

  • Maths Challenge (selected students): Thur 26 Apr, Time TBC
  • Y8 Exams (all students) will commence Mon 22 Jan - further information to follow

Year 7

  • Maths Challenge (selected students): Thur 26 Apr, Time TBC
  • Y7 Exams (all students) will commence Mon 23 Apr - further information to follow

Exam Boards

Information of which exam bards Calthorpe Park uses can be found here.

Results & Certificates

GCSE Results

  • Any results not picked up on Results Day can be collected from the Registry Office


GCSE (and other qualifications) Certificates achieved at Calthorpe Park are distributed to students at the Certificate Evening once they have completed Year 11. The Certificate Evening takes place in November every year.

Students who do not attend Certificate Evening can arrange collection of their Certificates by contacting Mrs J Hale - Registry Office - jo.hale@staff.calthorpepark.hants.sch.uk

New GCSE 9 to 1 Grading

GCSEs are being reformed and will be graded with a new scale from 9 to 1, with 9 being the highest grade. Ofqual and The Department of Education (DfE) have provided guidance documents to help students and parents understand the new grading. These can be viewed here:

  • Quick guide 9-1 grade card
  • Additional information
  • New GCSE content will be more challenging
  • Fewer grade 9s will be awarded than A*s
  • English language, English literature and maths will be the first to be graded from 9 to 1 in 2017
  • Several more subjects will have 9 to 1 grading in 2018, with others following in 2019. During this transition, students will receive a mixture of letter and number grades

Rules, Regulations and Operations

All exams are run in accordance with the official Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) rules and regulations. The key points of these are summarised in posters outside the Exam rooms. All candidates are required to know what these key points are, and abide by them.