This page is intended to give parents and students a general overview of trips run by the school.

Trips are optional, but we will show here whether it is relevant to a particular course or which year group it applies to. General information about medical is also available here. Details of actual costs are given when the letter is issued for each trip; we've included some approximate prices here where known.

Date Trip Year Group Course Duration Cost (approx)
September D of E Assessment Weekends Y11 D of E 2 day  
October Sri Lanka All   10 days £1400
November Theatre Trip - Woman in Black Y11 GCSE Drama Evening £31
November Geography Field Trips Y10 GCSE Geography 1 day x 2 £15
January Sustainability Centre Y11 GCSE Geography 1 day  
January Calshot Activity Centre Y10 PE 5 days £295
February Natural History Museum Y9 Geography 1 day  
March York Cross-Curricular Trip Y8   4 days £185
March Science Live in London Y11 GCSE Science 1 day £30
Easter holidays Snowsports Experience All   11 days £850
May Osmington Bay Activity Centre Y7   4 days £230
June Winchester Science Centre Y8 Science 1 day £20
June WW1 Battlefields Y9   3 days £300
June Thorpe Park Y9/Y10 Pastoral 1 day £40
June Sustainability Centre Y8 Geography 1 day  
July Winchester Cathedral Y8 RE 1 day £14
July Wintershall Y7 RE 1 day  
July Brecon Beacons Challenge Y10   2 days £150

For overseas trips, students need a valid passport and European Health Insurance Card (available free via the NHS site here - do NOT pay for this card). Holders of non-EU or British passports need to see the trip organiser as soon as the booking is confirmed as other documentation may be required

To see the reports on some of our previous trips please visit our news page here.