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Year 10 Chemistry Exam

Year 10 Chemistry Exam - Friday 14th December, periods 2+3

The  revision topics are per the online Kerboodle Combined Science Chemistry Trilogy book chapters:

Chapter 1 Atomic Structure           Y9  Work
Chapter 2 The Periodic Table         Y9  Work
Chapter 3 Structure and Bonding   Y9   Work
Chapter 4 Chemical calculations     Y10 Work
Chapter 5 Chemical changes           Y10 Work

In order to support students, Revision Guides and websites should be used.  Details of some resources are:

AQA Exam board Website

AQA GCSE Combined Science Trilogy

S-Cool Revision

Primrose kitten

Science with Hazel

My GCSE Science

 Revision Guides

GCSE Combined Science Trilogy

Please consult your child's Science teacher for any further assistance.

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