Hitches Lane traffic

You will recall from an earlier letter that we are trying to find solutions to avoid traffic building up at the entrance to school, on the roundabout and along Hitches Lane, particularly just prior to 3pm, and are continuing to ask for your support in the following ways:

  • Encourage your son/daughter to walk/cycle to school – even part of the way from a more accessible location
  • Seek an alternative pick up point that does not impact on local roads
  • Do not stop on main roads to pick up or drop off your child
  • Share cars
  • Arrange to collect you son/daughter a little later. They can wait in the Reception area or Library
  • If you use the school’s front road, please ensure that you do not stop to drop off or pick up until you have reached the area beyond the reception entrance – ie do not stop by the main door

See this link to read the original letter.

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