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English Summer Home Learning

Parents should be aware that students in years 7 & 8 have summer home learning – directed reading – which is due the first week back in September.  Years 9 and 10 also have reading/revision and preparation home learning for English, so they will need to look on Moodle at the end of term to check for details.

As a reminder, the work for Y9 and Y10 is as follows:

Year 9

1. Read ‘Lord of the Flies’ – don’t worry if you can’t understand it all – but read an online chapter summary to help your understanding.

2. Re-read Macbeth.

3. Make sure the Macbeth study booklet is complete.

Reminder – should already have:

  • 978 01983 24003        Macbeth (Oxford School Shakespeare)                     
  • 978 0571 191475        Lord of the Flies (Faber)                                      
  • 978 0141 439730        The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde And other Tales  (Penguin Classics)*                                            
  • a lever arch folder with dividers and punched pockets


Year 10

Reminder to:

1. Re-read ‘Lord of the Flies’, Macbeth and Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

2. Review all Year 10 work and organise it ready for Y11.

3. Prepare revision cards/notes.

4. Revise the poetry anthology poems

5. Re-write any assessments you want to improve.

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