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Extra Sports Day arrangements - 13 July

The arrangements for the completion of the track events from Sports Day this Friday are as follows:

  • All students are to come in to school in their trainers.
  • Those who have qualified for a track final or who are part of the relay team must change into their PE kit during lunch time.
  • Students and staff are to go up to the track just before the bell goes at the end of lunch time, for the beginning of P5.
  • Timings for the afternoon are the same as normal lessons​​​.
  • Students must go to their designated House area around the outside of the track where they will be registered by their form tutor (there will be laminated signs, with Da Vinci in the area by the finish line nearest the 3G, then Kilby moving towards the start of the 100m, Marie Curie round the corner and Somerville beyond them). Tutors will then send all qualifiers to the designated marshalling area. 
  • If you are not doing a designated track role then you must stay with your House in the designated area.
  • The 4 way tug of war will take place on completion of the track programme in the middle of the track and you will be directed when and where to move.
  • We will then do the results etc as normal in the middle of the track and then dismiss students from there.
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