Prepared & Ready to Learn - equipment

Prepared and Ready to Learn Strategy

Students are expected to arrive equipped for the school day with a simple set of equipment to ensure that they are ‘prepared and ready to learn’ in each lesson.

Almost all our students come to lessons well prepared, but there is a small minority who are not meeting our high expectations.

As a minimum, students should have with them:

  • a pen, pencil, ruler, rubber, calculator and their Calthorpe Park School Planner.

Each morning during the week 11 – 15 February students will be asked to show that they have this essential equipment and should there be a problem, tutors will issue a sanction.

Please help to ensure that your son/daughter has a positive start to each day by checking that they have what they need in their school bag.

Tutors will also be keeping discussing any uniform issues and making contact with home to establish when a concern will be rectified. Please support Calthorpe Park School by knowing our dress code (uniform link) and making sure that your son or daughter is complying with these requirements regarding clothing, footwear, nails and jewellery.

Thank you


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