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Student Drop-off & Pick-up - UPDATE

Thank you to the majority of parents who have supported the school in the change of car-park use to the front of the old Leisure Centre building.  We are not able to safely use this space for parents due to the restricted  access from Hitches Lane. We realise it can be difficult times with the congestion before and after school and appreciate the support and understanding of parents.

The Police have asked us to remind parents that stopping in the main part of Hitches Lane (around the front of the school) to pick up or drop off is dangerous and should not be done. We would also ask that due consideration is shown for the local community who live in close proximity to the school.

We ask that students walk or cycle when practical, especially if their walk would be less than 25 minutes.

Old Leisure Centre - student drop off and pick up (posted Friday 7th April)

Now that the new Leisure Centre has opened, the situation around students being dropped off or picked up in the old Leisure Centre car park becomes problematic.  After Easter there will only be one point of entry and exit and the area will be used exclusively by School staff and some contractors.

To avoid congestion and possible accidents, we would ask that parents do not use the old Leisure Centre car park for the purpose of dropping off or collecting students.

It should also be noted that the new Leisure Centre car park has a 3 hour waiting limit with a fine imposed by a management company should this period be exceeded.

Thank you for your support and cooperation.

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