Word & Book of the Week

The Book of the week for the w/b 22/05/17 is Mind Games by Teri Terry

“In a future world, life is tightly controlled by the all-powerful PareCo. Standing out from the crowd is dangerous, so misfit Luna hides her secrets carefully, not realising her own power. Unlike her friends and family, Luna has never been able to plug in to Realtime, PareCo's virtual world, where almost everyone now lives their lives. So how do PareCo know about Luna, and why do they want her for their elite think tank?  The truth is hidden in a web of shining silver secrets, and the corrupt authorities would do anything to keep it that way. Can Luna find a way to use her own hidden powers and bring the truth to light before it's too late?”


It’s the end of term again, so it’s time for the Word of the Week Challenge.  Write an interesting and creative paragraph using all 4 words of the week from this half term: reconcile, ominous, exhilaration and optimistic.  Entries should reach Mrs Ward in the Library by end of registration on Friday 26th May.


The boys have grabbed the top spots this week with some cracking sentences! Kilby strike gold again, but Da Vinci and Marie Curie are not letting them have it all their own way; they hold the Highly Commended and Commended places.  Well done to everyone who took part.

Winner:  Gaelen P, K01: “ I was feeling optimistic that I would be able to defeat my adversary in a battle of wits.  All I needed to do was look at my surroundings and my victory was definite.” (Box of Maltesers, 3 house points).

Highly Commended: Aloka D, D08: “ Even though the world was full of needless suffering, she was still optimistic that God existed.” (Lolly, 2 house points).

Commended:  Sam H, M10: “ Despite the 3-0 score at half-time, Joe was optimistic that his team would make a comeback before the end of the game.” (Lolly, 1 house point).

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