Word of the Week winners

It’s the last WoW for this school year and, this week’s challenge of using all the WoWs for this half term has proved overwhelming for most tutor groups/houses.  After keeping a low profile and conserving their strength for the past few weeks, Kilby (or K01 in particular) has found its stride again in the home stretch, resulting in winners in all 3 slots.  Congratulations to Kilby, who set the pace at the beginning of the year, and despite a few challenges from Somerville and Marie Curie, have managed to maintain its lead right up to the last.  

Winners: Skye S & Maisie V, K01:  The tranquillity of the zoo was disturbed when kidnappers put the elephant’s life in jeopardy.  They claimed that the zoo had a  superfluous number of elephants.  However, the owner was zealous about keeping his elephant.  The owner and kidnapper had a scintillating conversation which ended with the owner keeping his elephant and leaving the kidnapper feeling nothing but contrition.”

 Highly Commended: Matilda L, K01: “The tranquillity in the gym caused me to attempt a yoga position that put me in great jeopardy.  I was zealous uponstarting to work out on the treadmill; however, after falling off,  I was in a superfluous amount of pain as I broke my nose, with even more pain when I saw a huge crowd staring at me, apparently in the belief  that my fall was scintillating! The owner felt great contrition and was worried I might sue him. ”

 Commended: Gaelen P, K01:  “David’s life would either end in great  jeopardy or great tranquillity.  His scintillating army would probably fall to Goliath’s superflous military prowess.  In order to defeat his adversary, he would need to make Goliath feel contrition, something he planned to do with great zeal.”


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