Book and Word of the Week

The Book of the Week for the w/b 08/07/19 is: Two Summers by Aimee Friedman

One summer in the French countryside, among sun-kissed fields of lavender...  Another summer in upstate New York, along familiar roads that lead to surprises...  When Summer Everett makes a split-second decision her summer divides into two parallel worlds.  In both summers, she will fall in love and discover new sides to herself.   What may break though, is a terrible family secret, one she just can't hide from anywhere.  In the end, it might just be the truth she needs the most.'


The End of term Word of the Week  Winner!

The winner of the final WotW for this academic year is:

Sky S, K01: “ The myopic woman was praised for showing a healthy largesse towards the disadvantaged childrenShe had previously been viewed as a toxic person, when in reality, she was simply diffident.  Now, due to her generosity, she is beloved by all.”

Congratulations to Skye!



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