Book and Word of the Week

The Book of the Week for the w/b 16th October is: Elon Musk: Quest For a Fantastic Future by Ashlee Vance

“This is the inspirational story of Elon Musk, an amazing role model for young entrepreneurs, who breaks boundaries and has revolutioned the tech-world. He is also the real-life inspiration for the Iron Man series of films, starring Robert Downey Junior. From his humble beginnings in apartheid South Africa, he showed himself to be an exceptionally bright child, and overcame brutal bullying to become the world's most exciting entrepreneur, founding PayPal, SpaceX, Tesla and Solar City. He has emerged as something of a superhero-like figure for today's generation of young people. He's not only seen as an entrepreneur in the spirit of a Steve Jobs but as an inventor and bold thinker. He's the guy offering young people the possibility of a brighter, more exciting future and has come to symbolize innovation and optimism.”


It’s almost half term so it’s time for the Word of the Week Challenge!  Ask your tutees to write an amusing, creative paragraph using all the WoWs from this half term.  Words to include are: harmonious, poignant, exuberant, integrity & tenacity.

Entries to me in the Library by the end of the day on Friday 20th October for their chance to win house points and a sweet treat!


Apologies for the extreme tardiness in publishing last week’s WotW winners; late but I appreciate your tenacity in hanging on so patiently! The winners are:

Winner: Amelia R, D04: “Showing great tenacity, I wrote my Word fo the week sentence, knowing full well I should be revising for my exam instead!” (Box of Maltesers or Haribo, 3 house points)

Highly Commended: Conor M, K03:  Conor had great tenacity in asking the girl for a date, even though she was out of his league.  Needless to say, she declined!” (Lolly, 2 house points)

Commended: Yin Zi C:, K04: “I admire those who have tenacity; it gives me hope.” (Lolly, 1 house point)


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