Book and Word of the Week

Book of the Week for w/b 11/12/17 is: HENRY BELIEVES by KAYLEE BURRIDGE-PAWLEY

“At 26, Henry still dares to dream the impossible dream and believe in the unbelievable. His imagination hasn't let him down so far, but will his conviction be strong enough keep him going, or will those nagging voices finally get the better of him? When the opportunity arises to pursue the unbelievable, Henry must dig deep and rely on the courage of his convictions in the face of over-whelming disbelief and scepticism.”


The Word of the week for the w/b 11/12/17 is: BENEVOLENCE (NOUN)

Meaning :  The quality of being well meaning; kindness.

Example :  “The disaster left the world in great grief, but it has responded with unprecedented benevolence.”


The rivalry between the houses to dominate Word of the Week is rising, with an ever-increasing number of entries being received each Friday.  As you will see from this week’s winners, students clearly feel a lot of loyalty towards their houses.   In the interests of impartiality, there are joint first place winners this week, but the gauntlet has been thrown down, hopefully in an amusing, rather than intimidating, way! 

Joint Winners:  Aloka D, D08: “ Kilby felt a wave of intimidation and humiliation after Abbie R won WotW, which ended their winning streak and started Da Vinci’s dominance.”

Grace I, K02: All of the other houses still felt intimidated after Kilby had won Word of the Week 2 weeks ago.”

Highly Commended: Mirey G, K06: “The intimidation from the police was too much; I had to give in - yes, I had eaten the last pancake!”

Commended: Tom R, D06: “As the football team got into their positions, they became aware of the opposition trying to intimidate them.  It did not work though; an hour and half later, they walked off, victorious.”



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