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Book and Word of the Week

Book of the Week for w/c 21/1/19 – How to be a Young Writer by Christopher Edge

“This is an authoritative book from the word experts at Oxford to get budding writers crafting brilliant stories. It will help you think about how to develop an idea into a gripping and powerful story, with examples and tips from the best known authors to show you how it's done. it covers all the key elements of plot, characterization, building a believable world, thinking about tone and style, weaving description into stories, through to endings and editing your work. Practical tips will get any struggling writer to beat the fear of the blank page and inspirational advice will help young authors to achieve their creative writing goals.“


Word of the Week for the w/b 21/01/19: CIRCUMVENT (verb)

Meaning:  To find a way around (an obstacle, problem or difficulty)
Example:  “If you come to an obstruction in a road you can seek to circumvent it.”



I’m guessing there were lots of on New Year resolutions to do Word of the Week challenge, because we were inundated with entries from lots of tutor groups!  This made it a very difficult to choose a winner as there were so many excellent entries.  It was great to have such a fab choice and, after lots of deliberation, here are the winning sentences for their use of the word cathartic:

Winner: Javan G, K10: “Personally, I find role-playing cathartic, because the medium allows me to be things I never could be and to do things I would never normally do.”

Highly Commended: Poppy W, D04: “I find the simplest of things very relaxing: swinging on a swing, for example.  The wind in my hair and and how it brushes my face is very cathartic.”

Commended: Annabel G, D07: “Colouring books can be extremely cathartic for some people, but I find them so stressful that I would rather do my homework.”

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