Book and Word of the Week

The Book of the week for the w/b 18/09/17 is: Binny Bewitched by Hilary McKay

“  Meet Binny Cornwallis;  twelve and  trouble!  Binny has lost something. Something that wasn't really hers in the first place. With her best enemy Gareth and her beloved dog Max she turns detective to track it down, but the Cornwallis family are anything but helpful. Little brother James and his friend Dill are having an adventure of their own and big sister Clem is acting very strangely. And on top of all this, Binny suspects their next-door neighbour may be a witch ...  and strange things have started to happen to the Cornwallis family.”


The Word of the Week for the w/b 18/09/17 is: poignant (adjective)

Meaning: evoking a keen sense of sadness or regret

Example:  “ It was particularly poignant that he died the day before the wedding.”


There were a record number of entries for WotW this week, making it very hard to choose the winners – but what a great problem to have!  As well as using the word in the correct context, I look for interesting language,  spelling and humour.  Well done to Marie Curie, Somerville and Kilby.

Winner: Cassie L, M09: “ The relations between Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un are not remotely harmonious.” Box of Maltesers or Haribo, 3 house points.

Highly Commended:, Natasha W, S05: “ The friends sat there in awkward silence, longing for the comfortable, harmonious relationship they once had.” Lolly, 2 house points.

Commended: Jemma L, K04: “ The carefully selected melodies created a harmonious sound, filling the room with peace.” Lolly, 1 house point


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