Book and Word of the Week

The Book of the Week for w/b 20/11/17 is NOUGHTS AND CROSSES BY MALORIE BLACKMAN

“Sephy is a Cross -- a member of the dark-skinned ruling class. Callum is a Nought -- a 'colourless' member of the underclass who were once slaves to the Crosses. The two have been friends since early childhood, but that's as far as it can go. In their world, Noughts and Crosses simply don't mix. Against a background of prejudice and distrust, intensely highlighted by violent terrorist activity, a romance builds between Sephy and Callum -- a romance that is to lead both of them into terrible danger. Can they possibly find a way to be together?

In this gripping, stimulating and totally absorbing novel, black and white are right and wrong.”


The Word of the Week for the w/b 20/11/17 is: Prejudice (NOUN)

Meaning 1:  an unfair and unreasonable opinion or feeling, especially when formed without enough thought or knowledge

Example 1:  “Laws against racial prejudice must be strictly enforced.”

Example 2: “He had to battle against prejudice to get a job.”


Kilby has swept the board the this week with their witty and, possibly even prophetic, sentences.  The winners of the WotW for the w/b: 06/11/17 are:

Winners: Charlotte H, Yasmin B and Tilly L, K01: ” Paul Hollywood was left in a vulnerable position when a baker started attacking him with a spoon.”

Highly Commended: Adam B, K02: “ Polar bears are extremely vulnerable to becoming extinct due to major threats they face in their habitat.”

Commended: Ella G, K02: “With Kilby constantly winning the word of the week, the other houses felt vulnerable!”

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