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Prepared and Ready to Learn - Uniform

Prepared and Ready to Learn

Uniform Check

On returning to school in the New Year, all tutors will be checking to see that students are wearing the correct school uniform - see this link.

We have high expectations for our young people and therefore adhering to our uniform code demonstrates their commitment to being a positive member of the Calthorpe Park community.

Any student identified by their tutor will be spoken to, parents/guardians will be contacted and a date set for the problem to be rectified.

While all aspects of our dress code will be part of the checks, I would like to draw particular attention to the following concerns which seem a little more prevalent at the moment:

  • Shoes – students are expected to wear black shoes (boots and trainers are not acceptable)
  • Skirts – the material should not be ‘elasticated’ and the length is required to be below half way between the hip and the knee
  • Nail varnish – false nails are not acceptable, nail length should be suitable for the activities undertaken at school (particularly with respect to PE) and any colour should be of a neutral shade. All tutors have nail varnish remover and will ask students to remove unsuitable nail varnish. Any professionally applied false nails must be removed before returning to school, so please ensure you have an appointment booked before January 7th.
  • Jewellery – one discreet earring is permitted in each ear (Years 10 and 11 may wear 2 in each ear), a discreet ring and a delicate necklace. A discreet earing is a hoop which is no bigger than your little finger or a small stud. Teachers will be asking students to remove any additional items which will be placed in a small envelope and kept by the student. We will not accept recent piercings as an excuse to ignore our expectations.

We ask for your support in ensuring that the items you purchase meet with our uniform code to support your son or daughter with arriving at school each day, ready to learn and dressed appropriately for the business of learning.

Please see this link for full details of this strategy



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