Medical notice - ticks and handwashing

Ticks - Advice from Hampshire to keep students and staff safe from ticks this summer:

•Stick to designated pathways when out walking
•Where practical, wear long light-coloured trousers tucked into socks when out walking
•Use an insect repellent
•Do a tick check during and after walking
•If you are bitten by a tick, remove it promptly and safely with tweezers or a tick removal tool
•Disinfect the bite
•Look out for signs of Lyme disease
•Advise pupils to contact a GP if you think they have symptoms of Lyme disease


Also please be reminded that good hand hygiene is the most effective way to keep common illnesses at bay.

· Children should be supervised and encouraged to wash their hands before eating and drinking and after going to the toilet
· Hand washing should be completed with liquid soap and warm water.

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