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Sri Lanka update - March 2019

Urani1Students who are part of this year’s Sri Lanka team are currently preparing their lessons and activities they will deliver when they visit the schools and community groups in October. We are going to be working in a new school in October called Urani which is in Batticaloa, the town affected by the tsunami.

Urani2     Urani3     Urani4

We will also continue to support Navalady School in our next visit. This school was significantly impacted by the tsunami. Several children who attend live on the tsunami site in the most basic conditions, no running water, no power. Money our students raised last year bought the school its first multimedia projector and there are photos here of Dilanee Bunter handing it over. They have even made a Calthorpe Park School Noticeboard to celebrate their links with our school, of which they are clearly very proud.

Navlady1     Navlady2     Navlady3

Funds raised by our students last year enabled the building and opening of a preschool. Chenkallady is going from strength to strength, however recent rains caused huge flooding of the outside area, and we will be using some of this year’s funds to remedy this, so that the children can play outside all the way through the year.

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