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Find a Future Day - March 2019

Picture1On 13th March Calthorpe Park School hosted their annual Find a Future Day for Y9 students. The aim of this event is to raise understanding and awareness of future career opportunities (including those that may not actually exist now) both in the UK and globally. The intention is also to increase comprehension of post-16 education and training opportunities including apprenticeships, college paths, university, etc.

Throughout the day, the students thought about Article 27 and Article 29 of the United Nations Convention On The Rights Of The Child (UNCRC):

   Article 27 - Every child has the right to a standard of living that is good enough to meet their physical and social needs to support their development.

   Article 29 - Education must develop every child’s personality, talents and abilities to the full.

The day started with everyone being introduced to their teams for the day. Students were shown an intriguing presentation on the importance of education and the vast amount of opportunities and careers available.

Picture2     Picture3     Picture4

Shortly after the tasks were introduced and the teams participated in specialized workshops.  The students were able to experience a wide range of activities provided by the visitors from local businesses and colleges.  Each team was able to take part in four different workshops to gain a larger understanding of what opportunities are out there for them.

At the end of the event, we concluded with a guest speaker Susie Macguire who delivered an empowering message about living your best life.


We thank everyone who was involved:

· Nathan Scott and Sophie Musson from Farnborough 6th Form

· Bryn Daniel and Kyle Elliot from The Academy of Contemporary Music 

· Emma Jones

· Grace Howard

· The Science Department

· Barclays

· Trixie Lucas from Basingstoke College Of Technology

· Chris Turner

· Steve Forster

· Sophie Harrison and Noushin Hussain from Berkley Homes

· Susie Macguire


The Media Team:  Freya A and Lottie M


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