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Student Investor Challenge - February 2019

Wall StreetForty of our Year 10 GCSE Business students took part in this year’s “Student Investor Challenge” (, an annual competition run by the London Institute of Banking and Finance. 

Along with 5,622 teams from around the country, our teams of four invested their (virtual) money in a set of stocks and other investment instruments to create two portfolios:

  • The “Active Investor” portfolio, which allowed teams to trade every day.
  • The “Strategic Investor” portfolio, which only allowed a limited number of trades per month, encouraging long term thinking.

The teams had a virtual £100,000 to invest in each portfolio.  Sadly, despite fierce trading and studying of the stock market, none of our teams made it through to the next round of the competition.  However, we acquitted ourselves well.  The highest teams in each category were “The Unpronouncables”, who came 391st in the Strategic Investor league; “Code X” who came 534th in the Strategic Investor league and “WINNARZ”, who came 399th when both portfolios were combined.

Many thanks to Ms E Jones for her expert advice, which was much appreciated by the students Student Investor



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