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Geography - February 2019

Year 8 Restless Earth Topic

Year 8 have been studying volcanoes as part of their Restless Earth topic this term.  This is particularly relevant as both Anak Krakatau in Indonesia and Mount Etna in Sicily erupted during the Christmas holidays.  In class we have been discussing in class how these eruptions demonstrate that Geography affects everyday life.  We have been looking at the hazards associated with a volcanic eruption including primary effects, such as lava flows and pyroclastic clouds, as well as secondary effects such as the human impact (for example, flight disruption and global climate change).  Students researched the 2010 eruption of the Icelandic volcano Ejafjallajökull and also made their own volcano models.

This topic provides a firm foundation to the Restless Earth topic which is studied for GCSE, where the ideas introduced in Key Stage 3 are developed and investigated in greater detail.  This is a topic that gets even the most reluctant student enthused about Geography!

Geography Volcano

Photo: Oscar, B (D01) Robyn C (S08) and Mya S-J (M02)

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