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Y7 Homelessness Day - December 18

Homelessness 1On 7th December 2018, Calthorpe Park School hosted their annual Homelessness day. This event is crucial in order to educate young people about the issue of homelessness, more specifically preventing homelessness and the support available to those already living on the street.

“It was really upsetting hearing about how all the children will be homeless at Christmas.”

Ms. Lonsdale began the day by giving an interesting assembly to set the tone for the students. They were then sent off to their first activity of the day. The activities were run by a wide range of organizations, visitors and teachers, who provided a multitude of enriching and informative sessions.

“We’ve learned about homelessness and how it’s not always like you see on the surface”

Homelessness 2.jpgThe sessions ranged from art, drama and music to shelter building, cooking and finances. Each group took part in five workshops throughout the day, giving each student a good spread of knowledge about various matters on the subject of homelessness.

“It’s sad knowing it’s not their fault”

Events like these require a certain amount of maturity, and to the students’ credit they behaved excellently throughout the day, showing the level of respect expected from Calthorpe Park students towards both teachers and external visitors.

“My favourite part of the day was cooking because I enjoyed using the limited ingredients, I felt like a real chef!

Homelessness 3.jpgMany thanks to all of the visitors and to the teachers, who provided brilliantly engaging and thought-provoking sessions that will most certainly have equipped students with the right knowledge to ensure they are ready to be independent in the future. 

130,000 children will be sleeping on the streets this Christmas.


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