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Lille - December 18

Lille 2Bienvenue!
Full of excitement and adrenaline from our 5am departure, we finally arrived in Lille where we were greeted by the illuminating Christmas market and the 50m tall Ferris Wheel, which posed a nervous sight for many. After getting our bearings, we went off in groups to explore the city. First we tackled the Ferris Wheel, which gave spectacular views of the market and exposed us to some very icy weather. Next, we let our senses wander as we discovered the varying food stalls - raclette, croustillons and pretzels - the display was extraordinary! We also brought Christmas presents from the stalls the market offered, whilst practising our French with the venders. Exhausted from the captivating and enthralling market, we headed to the nearby shopping centre, which not only sheltered us from the downpour outside, but also allowed us to shop until we dropped in it's plentiful stores.

Lille 4     Lille 5     Lille 3

We then regrouped and left behind the spectacles of Lille to head to the hypermarché in Calais - Cité Europe. Nothing could have prepared us for the vastness of displays and products that faced us when we entered the hypermarché. Shelves were stacked with chocolate, sweets, pastries and yes...even jars of snails!  When our free time was up, I don't think anything else could squeeze into our over-flowing bags. Finally, it was time to say goodbye to our riveting day and we embarked the euro tunnel home. The comfort of my bed when I got home, certainly reflected what a jam-packed day we had experienced. 

Alice G
Y11 French Student

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