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Poland Trip - November 2018

46358771_2184409404902688_8978337727346900992_nThis month saw the 100th anniversary of the creation of the Polish state. In that short time it has witnessed many terrible events. Chief amongst these was the construction and perfection of the biggest killing machine the world has ever seen.  Concentration or Death camps as they became, were set up to convert a whole race of people into useful “materials”.

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Understandably, staff were nervous about taking a group of young teenagers to such a place with little preparation. We needn’t have worried. The 44 students who represented the school reacted to the deeply emotional situations with great maturity. They also gave their guides total respect and attention as they brought the horrors of the past vividly back to life at the historic Auschwitz camps. Students came face to face with crisp photographs of people about to die, their eyes show their helplessness.

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Thankfully the beautiful city of Krakow and its many attractions helped to bring some enjoyment to the trip. The students took time to record some thoughts about their visit to Auschwitz - click here to view them.

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