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GCSE Exam Results - August 2018

2018 GCSE Exam Results


We are absolutely delighted with our results this year.

82% of students achieved grade 9-4 in both English and Maths with 88% achieving this measure in English and 87% in Maths.

33% of all exam entries were graded at 7-9 (A/A* and beyond equivalent); fifteen students achieved a complete set of the highest grades across an average of 10 subjects and forty one students achieved the same high standard in at least 8 subjects. Thirty six students achieved an average of grade 7 (A) or higher across all their exams; for 20 subjects, at least a quarter of their entry was awarded A*/A or equivalent.

We are particularly pleased with the improvement in student progress this year. In terms of exceptional progress, our top 10 students at present are (in alphabetical order):

Jessica Bailey, Jessica Davey, Mia Clarkson, Emma Grey, Felicity James, Mateusz Kraszewski, Joe Nichols, Jake Lewis, Will Sargent and Callum Worship.

Students currently in the top ten for attainment are (in alphabetical order):

Yasmin Bascal, Mia Clarkson, Abby Coombs, Eddie Dewing, Tabby McEwan, Max Miles, Ben Nichols, Michael Presland, Will Sargent and Nina Skingley.

But, picking out a “Top 10“ when so many of our students have performed so exceptionally seems arbitrary and we would wish to congratulate each and every one of the Year of 2018 for their hard work, for their focus and for demonstrating such commitment to the Calthorpe Extra programme. They also applied themselves diligently to their independent study. All of this was underpinned by such good humour, positivity and maturity.

Whilst we recognise that these are our students’ achievements, we would wish to pay tribute to the outstanding dedication and professionalism of our staff as well as thanking our parents for their support over the past five years.

We wish all of our leavers every success and happiness in the future. We have always been impressed by who you are and who you want to be; by your desire and ambition for self-improvement. Without doubt, it is your aspiration that has inspired you and will be an inspiration to Calthorpe Park School.


(L to R) Michael Presland, Emma Grey, Max Miles, Jessica Bailey,
Yasmin Bascal, Felicity James, and the twins, Ben and Joe Nichols


Our local MP Ranil Jayawardena also popped into congratulate our students
and to chat to some of them as they collected their grades

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