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Berlin - June 2018

Berlin 3

Early on the morning of 28th June Thursday 50 Year 10 students and six staff set off from Stansted airport to Berlin – a colossal city but one with a tumultuous back story.  While locals might have moved on from the past, the scars of war are still visible.  For twelve years Berlin was the capital of the “Third Reich” and students had the opportunity of exploring Berlin’s Jewish district; visit the Olympic Stadium that hosted the 1936 games and the site of the former SS Gestapo Headquarters at the Topography of Terror Museum; witness the destruction caused by Allied bombing in WWII and the rise and fall of Nazi Germany in front of the Reichstag.  Students also escaped to East Berlin at Checkpoint Charlie, stood above Hitler’s Bunker and strolled through the Brandenburg Gate.

To develop student’s business acumen, at the Autostadt students had the opportunity to experience Volkswagen Group brands in special pavilions, explore the ZeitHaus Museum and glass Car Towers, discover exhibitions focusing on sustainability and an opportunity to stroll through the beautiful park and lagoon landscape.  And finally…. as a well-deserved treat, students visited the infamous Sport Choco Path!

A truly memorable trip for everyone and hopefully long and lasting memories made.

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