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GCSE Exams - June 2018

Ten to twenty hours of examinations conclude each student’s GCSE course.  Having studied for thousands of hours at school, home, in libraries and colaboratively with friends, our Year 11 students are now coming to the end of their time at Calthorpe Park School. The last Science exam is complete and just the remaining few option subject exams are to be taken.

As they conclude the last few pages in their Calthorpe Park story, they have their Leavers’ Assembly, Prom, Results Day and Certificate Evening to look forward to. We will see them together a few more times.   The next chapter in their lives will soon unfold and there will be more successes and achievements to recount in the future. 

The cohort have been fabulous. We wish them well with their results when they are provided in August and then onwards, through their new courses, qualifications, and in work next year and beyond  – wherever they move on to.  Leavers’ 2018: Good luck!

Y11 Exams

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