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Snowsports Experience - April 2018

Snowsports 18 1The journey out was not the easiest, with a one hour delay at Folkestone and a further two hours in Switzerland waiting for snow to be cleared at the St Gotthard tunnel. The return journey was a record breaker, at 21 hours! We owe Jamie and Adam a huge vote of thanks for their professionalism and efficiency in our safe delivery to Italy and our return home.  The weather was also in our favour – four days of sun, one day of snow and one mixed – but never cold. The conditions meant that the entire resort was 100% open, which also meant very little in the way of queues for the lifts, despite it being the Easter weekend. 

All of our students made excellent progress, some changed groups during the week to suit their abilities and we were blessed with no injuries whatsoever – testament both to their levels of physical fitness and technical preparation in the months leading up to the trip.  It was also abundantly clear that everybody made the most of the conditions and had huge fun in addition to making the most of the learning opportunities – with very little ‘ski flu’ in evidence.

Snowsports 18 2     Snowsports 18 3     Snowsports 18 4

The Hotel Miramonti lived up to its usual reputation of a wide and varied culinary experience – though we (nearly) all succumbed to the inevitable pizza choice one evening… The evening entertainment was coordinated by Mr Taylor and Miss Campbell and I was impressed by the enthusiasm with which nearly everybody embraced the different activities. The highlight for many was the Karaoke night – with a wide variety of skills (or not in the case of some of the staff) on show. A ‘Queen’ solo and a duet including the multi-talented Mr Lewis will remain long in our memories…


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