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Week Of Change - March 2018

Each year we encourage students to take the lead in their classrooms and this year, during 5th to 9th March, many ‘student teachers’ took part in our annual week of change. This forms a big part of our Rights Respecting agenda.  To celebrate the week the students involved were rewarded with a ‘staff room style’ extended break time on 22 March. Whilst enjoying their goodies and drinks, they reflected on their experience and said they thoroughly enjoyed teaching even if it was, to use one of their words, ‘tough’. The right to an education (Article 28 of the UNCRC) is something to be valued and appreciated. Today, many of our students showed their appreciation for their education and an awareness of how important education is for all. We look forward to the event next year.

The Headteachers’ “Blog From The Top” on Friday 9th March provides more information about some of the lesson activities arranged during the “Week of Change 2018”.

Week of Change 1     Week of Change 2

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