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E-Safety, Staying Safe Online - February 2018

ESafetyStudents, staff and parents attended E-Safety sessions today, run in conjunction with the Safer North Hampshire Team.  During the day an assembly programme was arranged for students, an after-school training session provided updates for staff and a very informative event ran in the evening for parents.  We were delighted with the way the students engaged with the E-Safety information and we appreciated the positive response from parents who attended the evening session.

Very many useful strategies, alongside descriptions of concerns and worries, were shared during the sessions.  This event formed part of the School’s initiative in working towards the nationally recognised ‘Wellbeing’ award for schools.  We look forward to working in partnership with parents to further develop this area and we anticipate training young people as E-Safety Ambassadors in due course.

We would like to thank all the parents for supporting this event and particular thanks go to our Safer Hart Presenters.  Sarah worked tirelessly with us throughout the day and Caroline joined her to support the evening event.

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