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New Year Resolution Assemblies - January 2018

AssemblyOur students this week have attended an assembly, by Year group, about New Year Resolutions. Led by our Headteacher Ms Hooper, we heard that most of us set New Year Resolutions but how, sadly, they are then often forgotten and ignored later in the year.

Most of our amazing students set themselves achievement goals at school, target specific levels of progress in subjects that they struggle with, or aspire to meet some other personal improvement challenge.  The hardest thing is to carry on working towards these goals for longer than just a few weeks or months. 

Ms Hooper also referenced a disappointing account of poor behaviour in the local area at the very end of last term. A very small number of our students were noisy and in high spirits in Fleet and this caused some distress to shoppers and local residents.  This is not at all the Calthorpe Way.

As part of our Calthorpe Way we encourage students to be very community-minded and to respect our lovely buildings and grounds at school as well as our local community areas.  Ms Hooper referenced how sad it is sometimes to find discarded pasta pots, paper towels or other litter around after lunch. Fortunately, only just a few students are forgetful and don’t mean to be disrespectful of our social spaces.  Most students take pride in our school.

Students: what were your Resolutions this year? Are they about personal development or will your actions help to improve our community?

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