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GCSE Science Live - December 2017

On Friday, 1st December 50 Year 10 GCSE students visited the Apollo Theatre in London for GCSE Science Live.  Students heard from five world-renowned Scientists, who hopefully sent them away with a deeper sense of what Science is and what it might be for.  Stewart Chenery, an experienced chief examiner, also gave students some practical advice to help them do well in their exams.

GCSE Science Live 1     GCSE Science Live 2     GCSE Science Live 3

The Scientists who presented on the day were: Dr Helen Czerskia, a Physicist and Oceanographer at UCL; Professor Jim Al-Khalili from the University of Surrey, who gave an animated talk on time travel;

Professor Robert Winston, medical doctor and distinguished scientist, who gave an informative presentation on embryo development; Professor Alice Roberts, who provided an insight into evolution past and future and Professor Andrea Sella, Synthetic Chemist at UCL, who gave a practical presentation on Strange Ice.

Thank you to Mr Findlay, Mrs Plunkett, Miss Haggart, Mrs Brownbridge & Mac who made this such a successful trip.

Mind blown! Loved the talk on time travel & worm holes, so interesting!!

I now view Science as more fun.

Andrea Sella was an interesting and enigmatic speaker, who kept me engaged with jokes and funny stories.



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