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Y7 Science Museum - November 2017

180 Year 7 students visited the Science Museum in London for the day on Friday 17th November.

Our leader, Mr Findlay, had organised special science lectures for us in the new Wonderlab section. I was subjected to being locked up with a large chain with two padlocks, as part of a maths demonstration.  Fortunately the two students called up to help the presenter managed to crack the codes to release the keys to unlock the padlocks.  I was a free man for the rest of the day!

We explored the Space, Flight, Superbug and Maths exhibition areas during the day too.  Some of the areas have been recently updated and so for those of us who have been to the museum before there were new aspects to see and engage with.

Science MuseumBy the end of the day I was a bit “off colour” (see the photographic evidence) with having 180 students around, even though they were brilliantly well behaved all day.

Mr Brand
Assistant Headteacher

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