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GCSE Science Live - February 2017

On 10th February, 37 of our Year 10 GCSE students visited GCSE Science Live at the Apollo Theatre in London, which gave students an opportunity to see and hear five world-renowned scientists, enabling students to gain a deeper understanding of Science.  The scientists who presented were:

  • Dr Kate Lancaster, Nuclear Fusion Specialist, who is involved in nuclear fusion as a solution to our energy problems;
  • Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock, Space Scientist and star of Blue Peter, who spoke enthusiastically about space travel and colonising other planets;
  • Professor Lord Robert Winston, medical doctor and distinguished scientist, who gave an informative presentation on embryo development;
  • Professor Andrea Sella, Synthetic Chemist at UCL, who gave a practical presentation on Strange Ice;
  • Professor Steve Jones, a leading research geneticist at LICI, who spoke about the relationship between nature and nurture.

Stewart Chenery, the Chief Examiner, also provided practical advice and ‘top tips’ on examination success.

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