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Welcome from Senior Students


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Hello! We are the Senior Student Leadership Team and we’d like to improve our school to the best of our ability during our final year at Calthorpe Park.

The SSLT plays a vital role in maintaining a positive school community. We, as a team of ten students, work with the senior staff leadership to organise and lead whole school events such as the SLUGG Charity Walk, Week of Change and Fairtrade Conference. We work very much together as a whole but each pairing has a different role within the team.

The SSLT are:

  • Anna Betteridge (Head Girl of Prefects)
  • Ralph Ivey (Head Boy of Prefects)
  • Flo Marks (Head Girl of Student Voice)
  • Harry Freeman (Head Boy of Student Voice)
  • Phoebe McBurnie (Head Girl of REaL3)
  • Ben Knights (Head Boy of REaL3)
  • Grace Atherton (Head Girl of Charities)
  • Ben Vaughan (Head Boy of Charities)
  • Jemima Gadd (Head Girl of Communications, Marketing and Branding)
  • Katie Heighes  (Head Girls of Communications, Marketing and Branding)

Ralph and Anna: Heads of Prefects

Ralph and Anna co-ordinate this year’s Prefect team. This involves running a weekly Prefect meeting, organising duties, supporting school events and helping Prefect ‘firms’. Prefects create and lead these firms, or clubs, with an aim of getting students of all ages involved in various new activities, whilst improving their organisational and leadership skills. This year we have a huge variety, from our school cinema firm, who hold a weekly meeting to watch and discuss films, to the production team, who manage the lighting and sound for various school events. All offer an exciting opportunity to those looking to try out something new.

Flo and Harry: Heads of Speakouts

We are Harry and Flo , the Head Boy and Girl of student voice. As part of our role we run and organise weekly meetings we call ‘Speakouts’ which allows representative students from each form group to have a say in their school life. This includes putting forward ideas, making decisions and taking part in the discussion of important issues to improve our school. This could be a great opportunity for you to voice your opinions and make a positive impact to our school. For example, a topic of the discussion last year was SLUGG walk in which speakouts put forward many ideas to contribute to the activities and themes that made the event such as success.

Jemima and Katie: Heads of Communications, Marketing and Branding

Our names are Katie and Jemima and we are the Head Girls of Communications, Marketing and Branding. Our main responsibilities include advertising and reporting about events, supporting other SSLT members and organising teams, for example the press team for MUN, our annual simulation of the United Nations. We also organise the prom and yearbook committees. Furthermore, we ensure that ideas and messages are communicated round the school efficiently, mainly through the use of Moodle and our school website.

Ben and Phoebe: Heads of REaL3

REaL3 stands for Rights, Respect and Responsibility in Education and Learning as is run by Ben and Phoebe every Friday after school. The main philosophy of REaL3 is to ensure that all childrens’ voices are heard as well as promoting the Rights of the Child. This year, we are working hard on renewing the Level 2 Rights Respecting Schools Award. We organise school events, such as Week of Change, and ensure that any idea can be freely discussed.

Grace and Ben: Heads of Charities

We are Heads of Charities. We work together to organise charity events, such as the annual SLUGG Walk and the Macmillan Coffee Morning. We raise thousands of pounds for various charities throughout the year.