Parent Forum

logoOur Parent Forum meetings are a great way for a small group of parents to meet and discuss new initiatives at school, to share ideas and to make suggestions for improvement for the benefit of our students.  Parents contribute positively with school staff to find ways to continue the ongoing improvement of our school.

The meetings, usually on Mondays (but this will vary) start promptly at 6.00pm.  Although there is an open invitation to all parents, the discussion group will be limited to eighteen parents.  If you are interested and able to attend please email Mr W Brand.  Confirmation of space for attendees will be given prior to each meeting. It is hoped that a balanced representation of parents is able to attend, including parents of children across the Year groups, ability range and so forth.

There are bound to be questions or concerns raised by parents, for discussion at the meetings. Although this Forum is not an opportunity to focus on one parent’s point of view or one child’s experience specifically, the sessions will be an ideal way for school leaders to gather broad feedback about the work we do, so that we can continue to develop and improve.  The ongoing “Actions Log” tracks the stages of “you said about….” and   “so we changed…..”.

Aims (Draft version, November 2015):

  • To strengthen the existing partnership link between school and our parental community
  • To provide school a further opportunity to clarify and explain about planned changes and current strategies
  • To gain feedback from our wider parental community about any broad concerns or uncertainties about school operations and strategies
  • To offer the school the chance to pilot new initiatives with a small group of parents and to develop associated strategies prior to wider deployment
  • To offer visits to selected parents to see the life of the school during a working day.

Expectations and Strategies (Draft version, November 2015):

  • Meets about 4 times each year
  • Attended by up to 18 parents, by prior agreement
  • Chaired by Mr W Brand, Assistant Headteacher
  • At least one specific “topic for discussion” is promoted prior to the meeting
  • Further topics for discussion will be suggested at meetings, for future meetings
  • Supported by additional staff where this is useful for certain “topics for discussion”
  • Operated in parallel with the many other communication routes open to parents.

Calthorpe Park School has a “growth mindset” and this growth is nurtured through positivity, engagement and teamwork.  I look forward to meeting the ‘delegates’ at our next Forum Meeting.

W Brand (Assistant Headteacher)

Name Date Download
Parent Forum minutes - Nov 15 27th Nov 2015 Download
Action Log 27th Nov 2015 Download
Topics for discussion 27th Nov 2015 Download
Parent Forum Launch Letter - Oct 15 27th Nov 2015 Download