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Planned Absence

If you know that your son/daughter needs to leave school during the day the following is required:

  • Write a note to their form tutor explaining the reason for their absence and the time they need to leave school
  • The note must then be shown to their form tutor during morning registration
  • The form tutor will sign it to acknowledge the note has been seen
  • The student must retain the note
  • If the student is due to leave during a lesson the note must again be shown to the teacher whose class they wish to leave
  • The student should then ‘sign out’ at the attendance office and hand the note in
  • If the student needs collecting from school during break or lunch, they must go straight to the ‘signing out’ sheet, sign out and hand the note to a member of staff. The note must of course have already been seen and signed by the form tutor during morning registration
  • An alternative to a note could be an appointment card

Arriving late to school:

  • If you are aware in advance that your child will be late to school
  • Please write a note to their form tutor explaining the reason for their late arrival in advance of the date if possible
  • Alternatively, please telephone the school on 01252 613483 and leave a message on the answering service explain the reason for the late arrival. (This service is available 24/7)
  • If the arrival to school is anticipated to be after the start of morning registration at 8.40am students must sign in at the attendance office